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Both the proposed Southland Water and Land Plan and the new National Environmental Standard for Freshwater have a list of permitted activity criteria for intensive winter grazing. If you can meet all of them, you don't need to apply for a resource consent for your intensive winter grazing.


  • Intensive winter grazing: Means grazing livestock on an annual forage crop at any time in the period that begins on 1 May and ends with the close of 30 September of the same year.
  • Annual forage crop: Means a crop, other than pasture, that is grazed in the place where it is grown.
  • Landholding: Means 1 or more parcels of land (whether or not they are continuous) that are managed as a single operation.
  • Pugging: Means the penetration of soil to a depth of 5 cm or more by hooves of grazing livestock.
  • Critical Source Area: Means a landscape feature (a gully, swale or depression) that accumulates runoff from adjacent flats and slopes and delivers it to surface waterways.
  • Please refer to the Intensive Grazing Factsheet for additional information about the use of land for intensive grazing.

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